#018 – What Is A Funnel Hub?

I was reading one of Russell Brunson’s books last week. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he is a huge name in online marketing. He is the founder of the software ClickFunnels which a lot of marketers and businesses use and it has been called the …

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#015 – How NOT To Grow On Instagram

If you’re at some point reading this (by the way I’m writing this on 15 October 2020), over the last couple of days I’ve been looking at strategies for Instagram growth. For now I’m going simply with: Posting twice a day – a mix of helpful content and a bit …

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#011 – Getting Started On LinkedIn

Last week I joined a free ‘get leads from LinkedIn’ challenge. It’s interesting how when you go through all these challenges and lead magnets with every single one offering something new, it always ultimately boils down to the same thing. Speak to people, engage with people, connect with people. Then …

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