#035 – Changing Strategy

I’ve been trying to do too many things at once. Or at least start too many things at once. And while I love the challenge of it, I am just 1 guy. And mentally and physically to get them all started at the same time is insanely overwhelming. Plus I’ve …

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#026 – Getting A Good Dot Com Name

Getting a good brand name is hard these days. Because you want consistency on all platforms. You want a matching domain name (.com ideally – or is that just me?) as well as the username (or handle, whatever you want to call it) on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube – wherever …

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#020 – What Is A Soap Opera Sequence

Probably my favourite and possibly the most passive way of selling something. It generally works extremely well for services and courses but with some adaptations, I see no reason why it couldn’t work well for products and e-commerce businesses as well. So what is an email soap opera sequence? An …

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#019 – The One Page Website

I already posted about the idea of a funnel hub but I want to go a little bit further. There are enough apps or platforms or backgrounds out there that for most businesses you don’t need an all singing, all dancing big @sss website. You can fit most things you …

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#018 – What Is A Funnel Hub?

I was reading one of Russell Brunson’s books last week. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he is a huge name in online marketing. He is the founder of the software ClickFunnels which a lot of marketers and businesses use and it has been called the …

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