#058 – Slowing Down

Yes indeed I am slowing things down again and changing startegy.

I’ve worked myself into a glorious position of being busy without actually being productive.

Not just running in circles but actually literally sprinting, cartwheeling and dancing in circles with a chain of headless chickens.

I don’t know where that analogy came from but you get the idea – what I’m doing is nuts.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to be busy.

But I’d rather be busy with purpose and direction and move forward and get the leverage to do everything I want to do, instead of overwhelm myself right now doing it all solo and get nowhere with it.

I’m In A Fortunate Position

For the 4 projects I’m working on that are designed to make revenue, their structures for generating leads, sales and customers are all in place.

And my tripwires are all set up so I shouldn’t be in a net negative position with my ad spend when I actually get things going.

The only thing I’m struggling with is getting over my fear of running ads.

So that is going to take A LOT more energy than what I am currently giving it.

I have years of experience running Facebook ads, so it’s not a technical issue for me.

It’s 100% purely fear and doubting myself and battling that in itself can be mentally taxing.

So I need to give it some time and attention and most of my energy.

I wrote about this and imposter syndrome on my personal blog yesterday.

What Does That Mean For This Site?

To be honest, I had in my head that when I get to 50 posts I can start ease up a bit and restrategise and we’re there now.

So I will still be posting a couple of helpful articles and tips a week.

It’s also on my plans to start posting on Instagram and get a Youtube channel up properly but that can’t happen until I get something going in the right direction and until I can start to hire an extra pair of hands.

I also still don’t think I clearly know who this site is aimed at or what it’s going to solve so I need to figure that out first. I have some idea but I want to get much clearer on it.

To be honest, I suspect it will end up becoming a documentation of my journey of using digital marketing to build the same kind of business my target audience is building – so again, the mental input required will be steep.

What Does It Mean For All My Other Projects?

I did a little work on content strategy this morning which covers all my brands based on where they currently are.

When things are going smoothly and I feel comfortable bringing in more help, I’ll basically be looking at getting in at least 100 pieces of content across all brands and platforms.

That includes blog posts, emails, Youtube, podcasts, infographics, memes.

That’s across 7 brands.

If I spend all my time in the content creation,  I won’t be spending any time on actually building or growing them into anything.

So I will be doing a little bit to keep them all ticking over but my focus has to be on the big goal of earning a good income and being able to hire some help first.

Once I’m there, things will really fly.

Just need the spark to give me that initial momentum.

So yes, I’m changing strategy and pivoting again, but I think it’s a good thing.

Being able to stop and take stock of where you are, compare it to where you’re trying to get to and correct course – there’s nothing wrong with that.

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