#057 – Using Facebook Page Publishing Tools

I’ve written before about scheduling posts using Onlypult.

From my own experience, it is still my preferred Instagram post scheduler.

Main reason being that it allows you to automatically post the 1st comment (with your hashtags in there) and it is more cost effective and better value for money than the other options that allow you the same features.

But I am bootstrapping a bit and trimming expenses and therefore wanted to look at other options.

And I ended up looking at Facebook Publishing Tools from within your Facebook Page.

You Need These First

You need a Facebook business page.

And you need an Instagram account – both linked to your Facebook page and also set up as a business account itself.

How I Do It

I create my content in whatever software I’m using – usually a photo, or Canva or Headliner.

Then I write my caption on a text editor and bulk paste 30 hashtags after a few blank lines.

(If you want to see my hashtag strategy, here).

I go into Publishing Tools (it’ll be on the left hand side if you’re on a desktop) on my page and hit ‘Create post’.

I’ll upload the image or video into Publishing tools.

Before I paste the caption in, I’ll use an IG caption generator to preserve the line breaks.

This is the one I use.

Otherwise it’ll appear as a solid block of text on Instagram.

Then I paste the line break text into Publishing Tools and then either publish or schedule from in there.

And that’s it.

So far it’s shown me no difference in reach between using Facebook or an external tool.

But it feels a bit easier.

Benefits Of Publisher Tools

  • It’s Facebook’s own tool so it feels a bit more secure than relying on a third party like Onlypult
  • You can schedule to both Instagram and Facebook at the same time
  • You can preview how your post will actually look

Downsides Of Publisher Tools

  • You can’t mix images and videos
  • You can’t post carousels/multi image posts
  • You can’t post in the first comment
  • You can’t drag and drop pre-scheduled posts to move them around

In Conclusion

It doesn’t have the same features as some other options, and if you want to post multi-content posts then another external tool will be better for you.

But for the fairly simple things I need it to do, Facebook Publisher Tools is perfect.

It is lightweight, free, easy to preiew my posts and it’s simple to use.

So look at what you’re using, what you need your post scheduler to do and work from that to see if you can use Publisher Tools or if you need to go in for something external.

There are plenty of great external tools out there – Onlypult, Tailwind, Later, Hootsuite, Buffer and more.

But I don’t need those for the kinds of content I’m currently putting out so it might be something to be ventured in future instead.

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