#056 – Image Or Video For Facebook Ads

I keep seeing people say that videos always outperform images for Facebook ads.

I see it in my emails, in Facebook groups and on Youtube.

But I don’t see it on my news feed or in my own results.

Most of the ads with video I see are either part of a more complex retargeting funnel or appear to be from beginners – who have probably read the same stuff as me.

But let’s look at the benefits of each.

Benefits Of Image Ads Over Video

  • You can get more information across more concisely
  • You can create multiple variations easily
  • Production and creation are much quicker
  • It can often be easier to stop people scrolling
  • People are more likely to take in all the information before deciding whether to keep scrolling or to click on your ad

Benefits Of Video Over Image

  • You get your biggest USP across – you – much more easily
  • You can get more details into your video
  • Potential customers will usually be more informed when they take the next step

I’m not going to do a list of the negatives of each because the negatives of video are the opposites to the benefits of images, and vice versa. So I’ll respect your time.

Which Is Better?

Honestly, the only way you’ll know is to test and see.

It’s not a case of one is definitely better than the other and it’s not a case of one consistently outperforms the other.

Both can work, both have benefits and sometimes it’s not even images or videos in general.

Sometimes it is just a specific image or a specific video is what works.

I’ve written about split testing ads before.

If you use identical targeting, ad copy and landing pages, and test different creatives – maybe 1-2 images and 1-2 videos depending on your budget – you’ll get a better idea of whatyour audience is responding too.

For me personally, specifically for ads, based on where I am with things right now and my current skill set, trying to use video is a little bit too much of a headache.

Between the scripting and filming and editing for a quick low budget campaign that I don’t even know if I’ll use for more than 24-72 hours, it’s not worth the time input.

I want to get better with video and am looking at Youtube and FB Watch and IGTV but for now, video is on hold so I’m all about images and GIFs and memes until I’m ready to cross that bridge.

But if you have the time and resources, there’s no reason to not try some video ads.

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