#055 – How To Start A New Podcast

As you guys already know, I have fallen in love with podcasting.

I feel like I’ve found my voice, I can relax more and genuinely enjoy both consumption and creation of them.

If you look at the 7 projects I am currently working on, 4 of them already have podcasts and 2 more will be added (1 of which will be for this site, but not for a little while.)

Anyway, I finally got my personal entrepreneurship blog up and running after finally figuring out what I want it to be about and who I want it to be for.

And it’s for my fellow oddball entrepreneurs – my fellow introverts and weirdos who are used to being the quiet ones, use to being in the shadows, used to being introduced to people as their sibling’s sibling instead of as their own whole individual (honestly, you have no idea how much this last one bugs me) who are a bit reluctant and scared and hesitant to be the brave leaders they need to be in order to become successful entrepreneurs.

That was not a concise description at all.

I know.

But it is clear in my head – because that is basically me.

So for now it is just an idea, but with a plan behind it.

The below is that plan.

Also worth noting, I’m not at a point where I want to take on coordinating interviews and stuff yet so that doesn’t feature in these plans. All of my podcasts are just me and my mic.

How To Start A New Podcast

1 – Pick Your Platform

Honestly if you’re not tech savvy, I would just go sign up for free on https://anchor.fm and use them. They distribute to all the main podcasts sites anyway. Remember this is just to get started – you can move to another platform later on.

2 – Know Your Audience

I know my audience as you saw above. I just haven’t worked out how to drill it down into something concise yet.

I don’t need it to be concise for my content because it helps me to know what kind of topics I want to cover when I am planning my content.

But I do need to be more concise or find something more specific for when it comes to branding and taglines and intro and outro and that whole thing.

I like the ‘oddball entrepreneur’ idea so I just need to get that into something a bit more polished.

3 – Pick A Name & Social Media

Your podcast obviously needs a name. And ideally you want your audience to be able to relate to it or to be able to identify with you.

And then decide if you’re setting up separate social media pages or just using your existing ones.

Most of my podcasting is with brands that are already set up so I didn’t need separate pages.

I have an idea for another (yes, I know. Don’t start with me.) podcast which I’m not acting on yet but for that one it will probably have its own domain and social media profiles to keep the audience separate.

4 – Record And Release A Trailer

If you have an audience already, this will help build hype for the podcast.

If not, it’s still useful to put out. If someone stumbles on one of your early episodes it helps them to know what you’re about.

5 – Bulk Record At Least 5 Episodes

We’ve all been there where we end up on a barren social media profile and think it’s not worth following or subscribing yet.

Unless you’re a known name with an audience already, the same can happen with podcasting.

So it would be a good idea if you haven’t got the audience already, to bulk record and upload 5 or more.

That way anyone that stumbles upon it will see more content out there to go through instead of just a one-off episode on a dead profile.

6 – Stick To A Consistent Posting Schedule

It helps to be consistent.

If you want to put out new episodes more than once a week, still start with once a week and then gradually increase frequency when you’re ready.

It will look better to your growing audience that you’re turning up regularly and also if your frequency goes up instead of down, that is a positive signal of popularity and care for your listeners too.

So There You Have It Folks

Nothing new or revolutionary or ground breaking I guess but that is my plan for launching a new podcast.

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