#053 – Narrow Your Focus (Again)

This is going to be a short one because I haven’t really got much to say.

It was my birthday which meant spending the day with family and not in front of my laptop at all.

So I did literally no work.

And honestly no actual mentally taxing thinking or actually any real physical activity.

But the pause gave me a chance to reflect on where I am with things and what I’m doing.

The Recap

So as you might recall, I find myself tangled in this overly complicated web of trying to start and grow 7 brands in a scalable way – at once. On my own.

Allow me to remind you:

  • Brand 1 – Limitless Fitness – fitness and nutrition for busy professionals
  • Brand 2 – Fitter Body Plan – body confident fitness
  • Brand 3 – Web Business Labs – my direct copywriting and email marketing coaching programme
  • Brand 4 – Easy Fitness Marketing – same as 3 but specifically for fitness
  • Brand 5 – This site – and for now it is just a blog documenting my own journey. I know who I want to help but now how I want to help yet.
  • Brand 6 – Happy Healthy Nerd – it will become a blog but for now it’s just a podcast
  • Brand 7 – my own personal blog – I still don’t know what I’m going to make this about yet

Ok so maybe it’s fair to say I have 4 projects that are clear and 3 in the works.

So launching 4 at once and laying the foundations for another 3.

Where We’re At

Brands 1-4 are all set up and ready to go.

They all have:

So for these brands, the only things I need to do are:

Limitless Fitness

  • Move my mailing list over from Active Campaign to Aweber
  • Update the website for mailing list change
  • A couple of tweaks to my main lead magnet
  • A second lead magnet to split test
  • Updated landing pages for the lead magnet changes
  • Start driving traffic

Fitter Body Plan

  • Move my mailing list over to Aweber
  • Update the website for mailing list change
  • Update landing pages
  • Drive traffic to test lead magnets

Web Business Labs & Easy Fitness Marketing are both set up and ready to go however so that’s positive.

So it is just a case of driving traffic – and of course selling.

I will probably run a test of lead magnet offer to cold audience vs using my 2 step awareness ad funnel.

Limitless Fitness also has a weekly podcast, 4x FB & Insta posts/week and that’s it.

Fitter Body plan has a weekly podcast, 4x FB & Insta posts/week and that’s it.

Web Business Labs has a weekly podcast and that’s it.

Easy Fitness Marketing has none of those – I’m using the WBL podcast for them and just driving traffic from ads or my own Instagram profile.

As For The Other Brands

While the above brands are a more direct, paid traffic and outbound marketing, the other 3 I want to focus on content and inbound marketing.

This site

I know who it’s for – small business owners with micro budgets and big ambitions – but I don’t quite know what the business model is yet.

So for now I am just using it as my own documentation of my business journey.

It might be useful to someone, maybe?

It’s on my list to start podcasting eventually too but I want all of my structures in place first.

Also maybe a Youtube channel because a lot of what I’m doing is easier for me to present visually than written or in audio.

Happy Healthy Nerd

I know what I want to focus on but I don’t really have a business model behind it.

It’s going to be around more holistic health and wellness, tackling eating disorders in guys and of course fitness.

I am probably going to go hard on content – podcast, blog, Youtube, Instagra, Facebook and Tiktok.

And of course email.

And there will be some kind of print on demand e-commerce operation behind the scenes.

My Personal Blog

I’m toying with a couple of ideas. I keep a daily journal on it which I call my Daily 9.

It consists of:

  • 3 things I’m grateful for
  • 3 wins I had today
  • 1 mindset tip – more for me than for anyone else
  • 1 thing I learned related to work
  • 1 random fact or bit of trivia

I think it’s going to end up being a combination of this site and Happy Healthy Nerd.

So kind of entrepreneurship and business mindset for people like me who struggle with imposter syndrome, anxiety and don’t feel like natural business owners or leaders but are fighting through anyway.

I think that will also be a blog, Youtube, podcast (yes, another one…) and going in heavy on my own personal Instagram profile too.

So That’s Where I’m At With Things…

Clear as mud, right?

I know what I’m trying to do is a little bit nuts and a little bit unstructured and a little bit over the top and a little bit crazy.

And it is super challenging and probably over ambitious.

And yes, I’ve also decided to start looking for a job because I’m not super keen on actually being an entrepreneur – I enjoy the drive and have the skills but I don’t find it as fulfilling as working with others.

But sometimes it’s good to do hard things to get used to that feeling of being uncomfortable and using that to grow.

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