#052 – How To Create Product Mock Ups For Free

When someone is buying something, they like to have some idea of what it looks like beforehand.

And it helps the sale for potential customers or buyers to visualise a real, tangible product.

The problem is that everything I do is either a service – and honestly I don’t think my face is a great selling point – or is a digital download.

So we have one key obstacle – there isn’t anything real or tangible or, without getting too intimate, something you can hold

The solution or workaround is to use digital product mock ups.

What is a mock up?

In my context, it’s an image that represents the products or services I’m offering.

Usually it involves taking a screenshot of one of the files and pasting it on to an image of an iPhone or iPad or something like that.

Something like this:

And if you have multiple files, you can do multiple products and put them into a bundle.

Like this:

Or this:

How Do You Create Products Mock Ups For Free

If you’re experienced with this kind of stuff, there won’t be anything new or revolutionary here so you can skip ahead or read something else.

But if you haven’t done this before, this is for you.

1 – Figure Out How Many Products You Need

If you have a single product that’s fine.

If you have multiple, and want to create a bundle like above, then think out which files and how many you want to represent on your graphics.

2 – Create The Covers or Graphics

Depending on what it is, you might be fine with just a screenshot of your file like the tablet/phone example above – those are just screenshots of the actual files.

If you want to make creative covers then I would use some of the templates in Canva, brand them up, change the text.

3 – Set Up An Account On Smart Mockups

Go to smartmockups.com and set up a free account.

Then connect your Canva account in Smart Mockups.

(You may also need to connect the 2 again from within Canva for some reason)

4 – Pick Your Devices In Smart Mockups

I tend to stick to their technology options and usually smartphone, tablet or screen selection.

From there I click on each one, and choose ‘Free’ and ‘Isolated’ from the settings.

This allows you to just get the device with no background.

5 – Add Your Designs To Smart Mockups And Download

If you have screenshots, you go into Smart Mockups, pick the device files, upload your image and download and that’s it.

If you have the graphics in Canva, go back into Canva and to those designs and share them with Smart Mockups (same dropdown as the download button is normally sitting).

Then you go back into the mockups, select ‘upload from Canva’ and choose the designs.

You’ll need to do this separately for each device mock up you’re using. And 1 design at a time.

Then download all your files.

6 – If You Just Have A Single File

Then you’re done and good to go and use the file, with a transparent background wherever you want.

7 – If You Want To Create A Bundle

Go back into Canva and choose the blog post template.

Set the background to a single, random bright colour – I usually go for electric pink (below).

Upload all of your mockups with transparent backgrounds and lay them out how you want them to look.

Download the image file with the bundle in it.

8 – Remove The Background Free

Upload the image to remove.bg and let the site automatically get rid of the background for you.

Then download the transparent file as a PNG and you’re good to go.

So that is how you get high quality product mock ups for free.

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