#048 – Facebook Lead Forms – Pros & Cons

Ok so let’s talk Facebook lead forms.

If you’re browsing Facebook or Instagram from the app or on your mobile, and you tap on an ad and a form pops up within that app (instead of sending you to a separate website) – that is a lead form.

You can create these within the Facebook ad platform and link it to your ads (I don’t think you can attach them to organic posts for now) so instead of a landing page or external website, people can become leads without leaving Facebook or Instagram.

They click on the ad, a form pops up, they fill in their details (or auto-fill from their stored Facebook info) and that’s it. You have a lead.

If you’re browsing Facebook on desktop, scroll through the ads and you’ll see some will say ‘Form on Facebook’ – these are all using lead forms.

And it’s what brought my attention to how prevalent they’ve become recently.

I was looking for some landing page or squeeze page ideas to help get my own creative juices flowing and then noticed that something like 70% or more (not a definitive stat) that show up in my news feed seem to be on lead forms.

The Benefits Of Facebook Lead Forms

I could write about the pros and cons of lead forms and different funnel and conversion strategies for a long time.

But I won’t.

Here’s the main benefits:

  • You can get leads without a website or even a landing page – everything is set up within Facebook.
  • Cost per lead seems to be lower – no specific stats on that from me, just based on my experience. And it has turned around literally dozens of campaigns for me.
  • It’s easier for the user – most personal details can be auto populated so you users just need to fill out any custom questions and hit submit.

The Downsides Of Facebook Lead Forms

It’s not all peachy with lead forms. There are downsides too:

  • Lead data stays within Facebook so you need to set up a separate integration to get them out. It’s not a huge obstacle as such, but you need to hook up your Facebook account with something like Zapier and set up a connection so as soon as a lead fills out a form on Facebook the info gets zapped into whatever spreadsheet, CRM or mailing software you need them to go to.
  • Lead quality is lower – again, no specific stats or metrics on that but for someone to submit their details via Facebook can be done really passively and leads will often hit submit by accident or not remember submitting their details in the first place.
  • It’s harder to move people to the next step of your funnel after that lead capture – Someone can open the form, fill it out and close it again. So if you have any more follow up info or a tripwire or secondary offer, it might get missed completely.

Why I’m Not Using Facebook Lead Forms… For Now At Least

On that last point, as you may recall, I am using a tripwire offer in my funnel.

So someone fills out their email address on my landing page and then automatically gets directed to my thank you page where they’re presented with the tripwire offer.

And that is a crucial part of my funnel because it’s the part that is meant to cover my ad spend.

And even if they don’t buy, they are familiar with it. (I send a follow up email 2 days later offering it again so that familiarity helps.)

It’s immediately where they go once they fill out their email address and while I am warm to them and have their attention.

So it works well for me.

With Facebook lead forms however, this doesn’t automatically happen.

Someone fills out their details and is then given the option to close the form and carry on browsing, or to go to the web page or link I want to direct them to.

For them to get there, they need to click another button so it’s not automated and creates friction.

Most people will just stay on Facebook or Insta and carry on with what they’re doing.

Some people will be curious and click to my website but I will be losing several who just close the form.

So they’re much more likely to just take the freebie and need a lot more convincing and persuasion when I am selling the tripwire offer.

I don’t mind doing it – and my systems and emails are set up to do exactly that, but it’s an extra step and more resistance.

So for now, I am will keep working on my landing page or squeeze page method – even though so far it hasn’t gotten me the results I want for it, just yet.

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