#047 – Twitter Marketing Strategy – Part 1

I had been using Twitter in a vague, unhelpful capacity for a while now as part of my content creation process.

For my 2 fitness brands, taking a screenshot of a tweet and putting it on a square white background was working well.

And it seems to be a pretty common thing.

Especially amongst fitness accounts on Instagram.

Up until the last week or so I’ve been logging in, writing my tweets in bulk, screenshotting them and logging out.

In the midst of peak US election season – aka election day, which has now become election week – I found myself drifting more and more into actually reading and browsing and exploring Twitter.

And I got hooked in.

I’m politically neutral and a bit apathetic (don’t @ me!) so I could observe some absolutely glorious memes coming out from some awesome Twitter creators.

(If you are politically inclined either way, scroll down a bit…)

Like this…

And this…

And this…

Sorry for that tangent (or you’re welcome?)

Anyway, the point is I’ve been enjoying being on Twitter.

Is Twitter Worth Using?

I’ve been on Twitter, or at least had a Twitter account, for 12 years now apparently. I didn’t even realise I had signed up originally in 2008!

In that time I never really used it a huge amount to actively post.

It was generally just occasional retweets, a few rare posts and hashtag spam and looking for news when the news websites and networks were a lot slower than Twitter.

To be honest with Facebook being the dominant 1st generation social network and then Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, LinkedIn all coming along as well, I thought Twitter was a little bit dead or at least dying.

But in the past few days, I’ve started to find my feet and find my voice.

As someone who enjoys commuicating in memes and GIFs, likes short bits of content, prefers text over visual usually and has got that kind of sarcastic, dry sort of personality, I think Twitter is actually the right fit for me.

Plus creating content, getting onto trends and engaging with people just feels a lot easier for me than on other networks.

So at least from a personal standpoint, it is worth using.

Should Twitter Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

I did a post already on coming up with a strategy and picking your platforms.

If you have the resources then you should have a presence on as many platforms as you can.

If not then you need to pick the social media platforms that work best for your business, that your target audience is on and that suits you and your voice.

I definitely tick the box for that last one.

I honestly don’t know about the rest.

I haven’t really tried posting anything business or sales or marketing related since I got back into tweeting but I feel like the reach is there if I start to.

Finalising my multi-brand content strategy will be next on my list after I get out of my current business strategy funk.

Watch this space.

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