#046 – Squeeze Pages Or Landing Pages

If you saw my last couple of posts, you can see that things have felt rough.

Things haven’t been going all that great and I’ve also felt overwhelmed with all the stuff I’ve been trying to achieve and do and start and get off the ground and learn all at once.

So it’s been mentally draining.

And I’m still not over it fully just yet.

But usually what I do is sit down with a pen and paper, look at where my obstacles are and then spend some time in focused research on how to overcome them.

And that’s what brought me on to the topic of squeeze pages.

What Is A Squeeze Page?

It’s basically a super short landing page.

Not much text, 1 clear call to action – almost always an email optin for a freebie.

Maybe a few bullet points with a bit more info about the offer.

That’s it.

They look something like this:

And they do usually work.

If you are clear on what you’re offering and who it’s for, then it becomes relatively easy.

But it can take some testing.

You aren’t putting a lot of text in so your headline needs to be absolutely nailed and be able to cover who this is for, what it does and why it’s awesome – all in very few words.

Your offer/freebie/lead magnet really need to resonate with your audience and be compelling enough to encourage them to hand over their email address.

So maybe easy isn’t the right word.

Let’s say their simple instead of easy – as in straightforward to set up but there are several moving parts still that you need to get right.

Squeeze Page vs Landing Page

One of my main struggles so far has been getting conversions on my landing pages.

So I get visitors to the page but they’re not opting in or handing over their email addresses.

So there’s a lack of conversions.

I have been using slightly longer landing pages which have more info, more detail and more text.

And the results have been woeful.

Admittedly I’m on a micro budget so results do take A LOT longer for me to find out and capture data but I used to do better than this on most of my campaigns so I need to figure it out.

Hence the switch to a squeeze page.

It will challenge me to drill in my message and who it’s for so it should long term help my process instead of hinder.

Next Steps

Honestly I’m not ready to act on this stuff just yet.

I figured out the funnel I want to run with overall for all the things I’m working on.

And I decided to hold off on active promotion for now.

I want to get the structure and foundation laid for all of them first.

That means all of my lead magnets, tripwires, email sequences and pages set up.

While I’m in the zone to do that.


I feel like I need to put a ton of my brain power into figuring out my Facebook marketing and content and I want to clear up mental bandwidth for that.

I think I will do better to get the foundation laid for everything and then have one clear focus on advertising and marketing for all brands, instead of a bit of a lead magnet, a bit of marketing, a bit of emails…

So it might be a few days before I get it all in place but I think with the right foundations, I’ll be able to fly!

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