#044 – How To Know If You Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

I feel like this is my daily blog post at the minute.

Some variation of…

“I’m worried about my ads”


“My ads suck”


“I didn’t think I was that bad at this…”

But I’m in that same position again.

This time I have been better though.

I have not touched the ads yet.

I have allowed them to keep running and gather data – even if the results aren’t what I want, it is giving my pixel and my ad account some data so that’s probably a good thing.

Or so I’ve been told anyway.

So the big question is…

How Do You Tell If Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working?

The short and obvious answer is that they’re simply not giving you the results you want.

Whether that be any results at all, or it’s costing more per lead/conversion/sale than you can afford or it’s taking too long to get those results.

So really they’re not working if there’s a mismatch between what they’re delivering you and what you want.

In my case…

With my funnel aiming for optins for a free lead magnet, ZERO opt ins is a clear sign that whatever I’m doing isn’t working – and I’ll come onto that in a second.

What Should You Do If Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working?

First of all, don’t panic.

You have to remember that with any ad campaign and where Facebook’s algorithm is involved, having success straight off the bat doesn’t usually happen.

Epecially if you’re doing something that’s new to you.

Someone experienced whose done it before will have the benefit of that experience so has a much better chance of having success straight from the outset.

But even they won’t have a 100% hit rate.

With any ad campaign there is an ongoing process of testing, reviewing data and tweaking to see what went wrong or isn’t right.

Some of the things you might want to look at asking yourself:

  • Is the offer right?
  • Is the offer reaching the right people?
  • Is the targeting right?
  • Is it the right time of year?

And Here’s How To Break Down Your Funnel – Ask These Questions

So this is my own mini checklist that I use when looking at ad campaigns:

  • Is the ad getting seen? Is the CPM good?
    • My current campaign has a £5 CPM which is excellent so that’s working.
  • Is the ad getting clicks?
    • How many link clicks from the impressions? I’ve always held that 0.75% or higher is a good link click through rate.
    • I’m hitting 0.65% which for my offer being free, is exceptionally low.
    • So that is one thing I need to improve – usually a new image or headline.
    • But one ad has a 0.83% CTR (click through rate) so I know that image is working
    • It might also be the wrong ads for the my current ad targeting
  • Lastly, what is the conversion % on the landing page?
    • For a high converting landing page in front of the audience, 5% is the absolute bare minimum and realistically 20%+ should be the norm
    • I’m hitting a 0% off of 30-ish link clicks.
    • Yes my link clicks are still low to judge properly but I think out of 30 clicks I should still have been able to get 1 or 2 email optins for something that’s free.
    • So it’s either the page or the audience not lining up
    • Or it could also be my offer that isn’t appealing enough

There’s A Lot To Consider

It could just be that I’m missing one link somewhere.

But I can see areas for improvement in my targeting, ad creative, ad copy and landing page.

So there’s quite a lot of room for me to try to improve.

What’s interesting is that with the pixel installed on your site, Facebook will tell you both link clicks and landing page views (when your page loads fully). Out of 30-some link clicks I only have 5-6 landing page views recorded.

Which does give me a bit of worry – because I can’t see anything to stop my landing page from loading.

So that’s another thing to test but I feel like someone would’ve commented if that was an issue. It is probably something between the offer and landing page itself holding me back.

I’ll give it some thought after I switch off the ads tomorrow before I pivot on to my next moves, which I highlighted here.

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