#042 – How To Run Facebook Ads For B2B

One of the things that dawned upon me over the last few days while I was ranting and raving and freaking out about my Facebook ads not doing what I wanted them to was that I am targeting other businesses.

So I’m essentially running a B2B campaign.

And I’ve never actually run a B2B campaign on Facebook before.

I have run all kinds of other campaigns on small scales.

But never actually run B2B.

I don’t know why it took so long for that penny to drop but here we are.

Small Scale B2B Ads

Most of the B2B advertisers are big scale, spending probably more in a day than I’ll be spending in a week.

If you’ve read my past posts, you’ll know my funnel is basically a simple email optin to a free lead magnet.

From there, I have a tripwire offer for some copywriting templates for 75% off.

And then from there my aim is to nurture my leads into longer term, higher ticket clients for my marketing coaching and copywriting services.

So it’s nothing ground breaking or anything like that.

A free offer for a lead magnet should work more in my favour than a paid offer like a discount code or an invite to book some kind of consultation where people would expect to be sold to.

So it should take some barriers down and make it easier for me to get traction without needing to break the bank.

So my funnel is clear and my landing page is all set up.

I also had a delightful time switching mail provider over from Active Campaign to Aweber because I’m starting to find Active Campaign seriously frustrating to work with – but that’s for another post.

So I think I’m pretty happy with how my set up is looking and things feel a bit cleaner, clearer and streamlined.

My campaign in Facebook is set up and I’ve got some new ads and a better idea of split testing so next up, and probably the main challenge for me now is… how do I target the people I want?

Facebook Ads B2B Targeting

So I did some research (aka I went to Google) on how to target B2B with Facebook ads.

And I think every damn article started with “load your current mailing list or customer list into Facebook and create a lookalike audience.”

I know what a lookalike audience andhow to create one – if you don’t know, I’ll explain in another post.

But the point is that it requires you to have an existing email list or audience or database of some kind.

Well my good people, if I already had that I probably wouldn’t be looking for help with this particular topic.

But I digress.

I don’t have a database to use to create a lookalike audience.

This is me starting from scratch.

So what can I do?

Unhelpfully, the short answer is just keep testing.

And it mainly means going into detail and having a few layers to filter on your audience targeting.

So this is my Facebook ads B2B targeting starting point.

And if you really want the breakdown of reasoning why:

  • Age 30-50 – quite wide, but generally in the more mature stages of business. As I get more data and more budget I will also start to test in the 20s and break this down further.
  • People living in London or Kent. Just wanted to keep it local to cap audience size a little bit to see if it’ll help make my budget go further.
  • Detailed filter 1: Facebook has them marked as a small business owner (I don’t know what criteria or signals they use) or the person is an admin on a business page. So they probably have a business of some kind.
  • Detailed filter 2: Interested in Lewis Howes, Gary Vee, Russell Brunson or Mari Smith – I could’ve added a few more well-known entrepreneurs but basically my target audience is interested in entrepreneurs who built their businesses largely digitally so they have an inclination to digital marketing
  • Detailed filter 3: Just a few things to say that signal that my audience should definitely be interested in digital marketing and social media.

As For My Ad Split Test

One thing to bear in mind here is that I deliberately went for a social media focused audience in the targeting because my pitch was focused on offering email marketing as a more effective way of marketing compared to social media.

So when looking at your targeting and your ad copy, try to match them up.

Anyway I reworked my ad copy and I am running 2 different versions of copy with 2 different images, so 4 different ads in total.

1 version of copy is short:

1 is longer and won’t fit into a single screenshot and still be readable:

So that has just been approved, literally as I am typing this post.

I have no data to go off of in terms of performance yet but I will let you know when I have something.

An Alternative Strategy

There is another, more complex and probably better way of doing B2B ads but I want to have examples and a proper walk through and I need to get 1 funnel working before I start expanding.

But the gist of it is this:

  • Run a paid ad which is just a video with some helpful advice on it
  • Hit a broad audience that is roughly in line with your target audience based on the targeting
  • You keep that running and build an audience based off of the people that view and engage with that video
  • Your main offer ad is just targeted at that audience

So you don’t need a database, but you do need 2 separate campaigns running.

The idea is that people will be aware of you and warmer to you if they’ve watched that video so when you hit them with an offer they’ll be more receptie to it.

It’s basically what’s called ‘retargeting’ and I am probably going to use that as my next test in the coming few days because I want to get better in front of camera anyway and I think it’d be helpful for my (currently non-existent) audience.

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