#041 – Should You Go Specific Or General?

I did that stupid thing I said I wasn’t going to do.

Yesterday I wrote about not pausing ads too early because you need to allow them to run and Facebook to do its learning phase thing.

Well I panicked and that went out the window.

I can be objective and patient and rational when I look at someone else’s campaigns – the ads, images, text, metrics, copy, landing page, everything. It’s all crystal clear.

My own though?

No chance.

What I Changed

So I hit pause on my ads.

And I reworked them in line with the changes I thought I’d need to make (which I wrote about here).

Basically some new images, different targeting, focusing on traffic campaign instead of conversions and some tweaks to the landing page.

But I decided not to launch yet because I realised something else.

I’m Too Broad

When I say I’m too broad, of course I mean my own focus and targeting.

I was listening to a podcast episode from Russell Brunson yesterday and he talked about focusing on what you want to do as a secondary thing.

Focus first on who you want to serve.

And the penny kind of dropped before I even started testing my new set up.

I don’t have a clue who I’m serving.

I mean I kind of do – small service-based businesses – but that doesn’t come across clearly in any of my funnel set up.

So More Changes

Before I get myself live with the new changes I want to filter down a little bit more and focus on one specific profession so I can test things in more detail and more depth on a small budget.

So I have decided to narrow down further and focus specifically on coaches and consultants.

Which means I can (re-)tailor my ads, landing pages and follow up to speak directly to a specific audience.

If I’m completely honest, it’s the audience I had in mind (because it’s similar to me) when I first set up my funnel.

So it shouldn’t take too much work to get my stuff updated.

This little brainstorm also raises another thought for going forward.

Niche Or General?

One of my super early business lessons was to go niche.

Solve 1 specific problem for 1 specific person.

But my attention span and busy mind have always struggled to let me do that.

And I love learning and testing and trying new things.

Which means I need to give myself some scope to have that in the bank for future.

So if on the front end of my “funnel” I focus on 1 thing, I can sell solutions that are more broad afterwards.

It also means I can test multiple different funnels with different focuses.

But I need to know who I’m serving for that.

So I think the main take away, especially when working on a small budget is to start narrow and gradually broaden out.

In other words, take 1 step at a time instead of trying to leap the whole staircase.

Which I guess makes sense.

So My Plan…

I know who I want to target.

I need to dive in a bit deeper with how to target them in Facebook’s ad settings because I haven’t really done B2B on Facebook ads before, which is basically what this is.

I then need to test a few different lead magnets and funnel options – 1 at a time of course.

I have a lead magnet ready which I’ll go with again.

And I’ve also set up a tripwire, so I can pull some bits of content from there to test out as lead magnets too.

So the immediate plan:

  • Some tweaks to make landing page more specific
  • Make ads more specific
  • Better Facebook targeting
  • Test and see what happens

Let’s see how we go!

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