#037 – Tailwind Pinterest Scheduling Review

Around 2-3 weeks ago I started looking at Pinterest as a traffic source to grow my mailing list for one of my fitness brands.

I had read up a bit on how to put pins out and got familiar with the basics.

What I needed though – apparently – was to be pinning 10-15 times per day.

Which wasn’t an appealing prospect amongst everything else I’m doing on a platform I hadn’t used much before.

I discovered an app called Tailwind which allows you to schedule a ton of content on your Pinterest boards and in general appeared to make life easy.

Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler Overview

This is the kind of blog post that would be easier as a Youtube video but I don’t have the time or resources to devote to that at the moment. 

But I’ll be sure to add in Youtube videos at some point in future.

It took me a while to get up to speed on how to use everything and get familiar with the systems.

First of all I need to figure out my boards and keywords for those boards on my Pinterest profile.

You can read about that adventure here.

Then I needed to create some of my own content.

For that I just used the Canva Pinterest templates.

I took some of their most appealing free images, add some quotes over them related to my niche or target audience and then saved them on my laptop.

Then we got into Tailwind

So you need to do a few basics to set up Tailwind to take care of Pinterest for you:

  • You need to go into your settings and set how many times you want to post per day or week
  • You can (and it helps) download the Tailwind browser extension so you can find content while just browsing the web and save it Tailwind
  • You either need to set the schedule or allow Tailwind to generate your posting schedule (this is random at first because you have no traffic or followers to base this off of but it does get smarter as you post content).

Then you start dropping in the content you want to post.

One of the early tips I read was to post 20-30% of your own content and 70-80% other peoples’ content.

So if I’m posting 70 posts a week I needed 14-21 of my own posts and the rest whatever I could find for my boards.

I used the Pinterest scheduler to schedule 3 posts of my own content for each day (a mixture of the Canva images I created and stuff from my Instagram profile).

For the rest of the content, I relied a little bit on Tailwind’s own pin suggester – it basically loads up a ton of pin ideas and inspiration that you can drop into your pin schedule to share to your boards.

The first time I did this it didn’t give me much relevant content so for the first week I spent a lot more time just finding content from other boards, Google, blogs and Instagram.

The second week though it seemed a lot more relevant.

I feel like I’ve gotten into a groove with it now and it only takes me a few minutes a day thanks to Smart loops (more on that below) and Tailwind has been incredibly easy and intuitive to use once it got used to me (or I got used to it, whichever!).

And the results 2 weeks in

Here you go chiefs.

In terms of reach visisbility, I’ve had 2 pins pick up a lot of views.

One of them was my own, another was just a reshare of someone else’s content.

I’m still not too familiar with how Pinterest tallies data because that pin says 2k views in analytics but on the pin itself it only says 20 views so that’s something for me to figure out.

In other stats:

  • It’s given me 1 email optin
  • My first 3 followers
  • 2-3 clicks to website

So my next steps will be to get a better understanding of what content is working and focus more on that and how to use that to drive more traffic back to my website.

But things are looking good at the minute.

Smart Loops & Tailwind Tribes

I haven’t started on Tailwind Tribes yet but a tribe is basically a group of other pinners in the same category or niche as you and the point is for you to re-pin and engage with each other’s content.

Kind of like an engagement pod on Instagram but this seems to be ok with Pinterest’s terms.

I’ll work on fitting that into my schedule somewhere too.

And Smart Loops.

The time saver that means I don’t need to create 20+ new pieces of content every week.

You can basically take your previously pinned content and use a Smart Loop to get your content to keep re-pinning on different boards.

Tailwind uses its algorithm I guess(?) to figure out which pins go to which boards when and how frequently but I’ve been using it for a week and it’s been a mental weight lifted not needing to keep coming up with content.

So Tailwind Scheduling For Pinterest

So far, I’m really impressed with it.

It’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to.

It’s saving me a ton of time.

It’s making my life a lot easier with one less content platform for me to have to stress about (for now).

I need to spend more time digging into the stats and understanding what content is working so I can optimise getting traffic back to my website.

But early signs are really good and for just US$10-15/month (depending on if you go for an annual or monthly plan), it’s an absolute bargain.

It goes without saying that I will keep you updated as I flex a bit more on Pinterest and try to nail it down into an optimal system.

And then I can expand it onto other brands that I am working on.

So look out for that update from me in the near future and also my impending update when I finally get around to using Tailwind Tribes and see how that helps my results.

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