#036 – What Is A Tripwire And How To Use It

One of the big things I’m fighting with at the minute is my own budget to cover marketing to grow my multiple brands (this post right here, officer).

The thing with any paid marketing campaign is that it will often take testing to find your flow because a successful campaign comes down to:

  • the right offer, with
  • the right message, in front of
  • the  right audience, delivered
  • the right way

And there’s a lot of variables to look at:

  • Your ad targeting
  • Your ad image/video
  • Your ad text/copy
  • Your budget
  • The landing page you’re sending your traffic to
  • The offer (as I mentioned above)
  • The follow up – no point getting leads to just have them sit idle
  • The sales journey – to take the leads you generate and turn them into customers

So it can be a long drawn out process.

What Does A Marketing Tripwire Do?

A marketing tripwire is a low cost, exclusive offer to bridge the gap between someone become a lead and becoming a customer.

So it creates a micro commitment and starts to build some trust and gets people comfortable with buying from you.

It will usually be related to your main offer in some way, and can act like a stepping stone.

Common Tripwire Mistakes

The most common mistake with tripwires is using it as a source of revenue.

It’s not.

I mean it is, but it’s not meant to act as your revenue source.

It’s really just to cover your marketing costs so you can scale your marketing budget and get new leads in.

And that thing I said earlier about building trust in buying from you.

Another common one is pricing it too high or too low.

Like I said, it’s not a main revenue generator and is only meant to be a stepping stone so don’t think about making big margins on it.

Similarly, if you price it too low, it will have no perceived value so low uptake and not covering your ad spend.

Lastly – lack of urgency or exclusivity

From my understanding, the best tripwires are exclusive one-off offers that someone can only take advantage of at that time or from that page.

So it gives them a reason to whip out their card and grab it.

There’s no point in making an offer that someone can take advantage of any time.

Marketing Tripwire Examples

For how I’m using it (below), I can’t give you specific examples because it would mean needing to opt in to a load of other people’s lists and hope I land on one (at the time of writing anyway).

But I CAN give you some suggestions based on what I’ve seen.

Remember it should be low cost, high perceived value and related to your main offering:

  • Free physical product (for example, a book) but your lead pays for shipping
  • Templates, worksheets or ebooks at a discount
  • A consultation or audit (if you or your team can spare the time)
  • A discounted trial
  • A 1st month free and then auto pay subscriptions if they don’t cancel (but you take their card details at the start)

Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head and from what I’ve seen.

The most important thing is to get someone comfortable enough to trust you with their payment info more than anything else.

How I’m Using Marketing Tripwires In My Business Strategy

I’m going to focus on 3 of my brands with this approach.

My 2 fitness coaching brands and my email & funnel marketing coaching.

In all 3, my funnel is going to basically be:

  1. Free lead magnet
  2. On the thank you page, tripwire offer with 50-75% off on a digital download
  3. Have a page for the same digital download at full price on the website so people can see the value if they miss out

For my 2 fitness brands, the tripwire will be (once I’ve ironed out the details):

  • Wellness checklists & worksheets
  • PDF guides for overall health
  • Recipe book bundle and eating out guides (I had these made a while ago and never used them)

For my email & funnel marketing coaching, the tripwire bundle will be a ton of copywriting templates:

  • Facebook ad copy templates
  • Sales page templates
  • Email writing templates

With all 3, I’ll be using either Selz or Gumroad to host and manage payments to start with.

For each one, 2 identical products, one at full price, one at the discounted price.

I’ll have the discounted product only on the thank you page of the lead magnet optin and maybe in their confirmation email too.

I’ll have the full priced product on the website and maybe in my email super signature too.

So that’s the plan, let’s see how we go.

I need to figure out pricing still but once I’ve got the bundles laid out, I can work that out and how best to add the page to the websites given I’m using the funnel hub approach.

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