#034 – Landing Page Headline Templates

Landing pages.

Basically exactly what it says.

The single page you’re driving your website traffic and visitors to (also known as the page they should land on – get it?) where you want them to do one specific action, whether that is buy something, sign up for something or rregister for something – and any number of things in between.

Why is a landing page headline important?

It sits at the top of the page and will usually be the first thing someone sees when the page loads.

In a lot of cases it can be the make or break difference between some reading any further or just closing that tab or window.

The advertising legend David Ogilvy once said:

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

So yeah, landing page headlines are important.

The best landing page headlines do these things

The best headline for your audience will probably take some trial and error and it might take some time to find the one that really clicks but they should all have the following components:

  • What you’re offering is clear – no clickbait
  • They’re relevant to your audience
  • They show you understand your audience’s probalems or pain points

Different types of landing page headlines

They can be direct and straight to the point.

They can focus on a problem you’re solving.

Or they can focus on the solution you’re offering (or the good space you’re leading your customers to).

Some landing page headline templates

My own preferred structure is usually along the lines of:

[X THING] helps [GET TO GOAL] without [common pain point or obstacle my audience deals with]

So for example:

Free download reveals how to get a stronger core without wasting your time doing 1000’s of  crunches

Free blueprint reveals how to grow your sales via email so you don’t have to worry about organic reach or huge ad spend ever again

(Pardon the shameless plug there…)

A few more landing page headline templates you can test out

I’m a big fan of testing things so you want variety and different ways of wording things to see what lands with your audience.

Here are a few more suggestions you can use:

  • Now you can get [goal] without [obstacle] (similar to above)
  • The system/ product/ book used by [number of people/ famous figure] (builds authority and credibility by leveraging social proof or a celebrity)
  • Who else wants [ideal outcome]? (attention grabbing and enticing to read more)
  • X ways [common solution] is wrecking your [results] (sets up for you to show why your solution is different and better)

Other things to bear in mind

Your headline is important but its not the only thing to consider with landing pages.

Other things that will impact how your landing page performs include:

  • Your ad targeting and the traffic visiting the landing page, and whether your offer is relevant to them
  • The sub-headline and landing page copy and whether they provide enough detail and create enough interest
  • Is your offer right for your audience?
  • Does your page load quickly and is it easy to navigate and clear?

That’s why testing is important.

You could have the perfect headline which will get people to read on, but then they might drift away because something else is off.

So headline is possibly the biggest piece of the puzzle but it’s not the only one!

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