#033 – What Does A Social Media Manager Actually Do?

I keep reading that social media management is one of the most in demand jobs or careers or professions or skills for businesses at the minute.

And it’s hard to disagree.

As consumers and users we use social media more and more.

So businesses need to be on there more and more.

And know how to use it more and more.

Which is where social media managers come in to play.

There’s 2 ways to hire a social media manager

First off is as an employed part of your team.

In that case, it’s really a case of figuring out which platforms need your time and attention and having someone in-house to take care of either that specific platform or your overall social media strategy – depending on your size and resources.

That would include:

  • Content creation
  • Content strategy
  • Getting your brand voice across the right way
  • Growing those platforms
  • Creating a community
  • Ultimately of course using it to drive more sales for your business

What that looks like for you and your business is going to be very specific to you.

The second is to outsource

Not that drastically different to the above but instead of having an employee, you’re using a freelancer or a 3rd party contractor to run things.

This post isn’t about the benefits of freelance vs employee but in theory for you it should mean:

  • You’re using someone that has a track record across other brands
  • They will be more likely to be staying on the pulse of latest trends and industry updates because it affects a lot of their clients
  • It is less hands on because you should in theory be able to rely on their expertise in the area

There’s a third option…

You can find a middle ground between the 2 of them.

You can keep some parts in-house and get some parts – some specialist parts for example – run by experts.

You can outsource video editing, graphic design and the visual/creative side to a freelancer.

You can hire a social media strategy consultant to assist with the overall strategy and guide your brand – what you can do to improve your results and return on time and investment.

And you can keep the actual enagegement side – captions, hashtags, replying to comments and direct messages – amongst yourself or your team.

This has the benefit of getting you the best advice from an expert or specialist, keeps your costs down, allows your own time or team to be efficient and focus on the things they can do quickly (and better) and it means you can get your content ready to go ahead of time.

Plus if you get someone specifically to handle the visuals, they’ll probably be better at making your content really pop.

So you can get multiple specialists for exactly what you need, without a huge expense of trying to get a big team.

And if you can’t afford to outsource stuff or hire?

Well I mean this blog over time will help you with all the strategy and tactics you need.

And for visuals:

  • iMovie is fine for video editing if you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac
  • There’s probably something useful on Android too
  • You can use Kapwing.com to add banners, text and subtitles for free.
  • Canva has some awesome templates to help with your visuals

Just remember to use social media as a tool, don’t let it use you.

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