#029 – How Often Should You Email Your List

If you’ve read some of my past articles you’ll know I’m big on email marketing.

I find it more straightforward, it simplifies the rest of my marketing because I just need to focus on getting people onto my list and it suits my strengths.

It’s easier to sell via email.

I’m not at the mercy of organic reach dying.

I don’t have to pay for ads every time I want my content to be seen.

When you learn to write emails that educate, engage and entertain, then email marketing becomes pretty easy.

But it can take some time to find your flow with it and get your emails landing the right way with your audience.

And one of the things that impacts that is how frequently you send emails, as well as the content.

How often should I email my list?

The 2 most important factors are:

  • How often you have something valuable to say
  • How often your list expects to be emailed

Have something valuable to say

If you email frequently but it’s only sales pitches with no direct benefit for the reader, your list will switch off from your emails because they’re only being sold to.

I used those 3 E words earlier:

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Engage

If all of your emails focus on at least 1 of those outcomes, you’ll always have something valuable to say.

How to get your list to expect emails

Set the tone for email frequency from the outset.

When they sign up to your list, make sure in one of your first emails you say something like “I email pretty frequently” or “I email X times a week” so they know to expect it.

And give them that reassurance at the same time that they can unsubscribe at any time.

How often to email

Once a week is the bare minimum in my opinion.

But you’re leaving a lot on the table at that level.

Bear in mind that good emails have a 20-25% open rate.

So if you only email once a week, you’re only touching base with 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 of your readers every week, which starts to create a bit of a disconnect with the majority.

And on the flip side, everyday is too often for me in most cases:

  • You can’t increase frequency when you’re running a promotion
  • It’s easy to lose cadence unless you take your time to build up to it
  • You are closer to running the risk of overdoing it

I always figured I’d like people to look forward to my emails and miss them when they don’t turn up, instead of thinking “ugh, it’s him again!”

Having said that, if you set the expectation early on that you email daily, you should be able to get around that.

The Email Sweet Spot

In my books, 3-5 times a week is the sweet spot with a preference for 5.

It gives you just about enough room to increase email frequency when you need to.

It gives you enough frequency that most of your list will open some of your emails every week.

But it doesn’t get to the point of overwhelm or being repetitive.

For my marketing coaching business, I email 5 times a week and use this structure:

  • Sundays: Always a general check-in, asking what they need help with, what they want to know more about.
  • 3 other emails: 1 about marketing, 1 about better email writing and 1 just letting them know my latest podcast episode is out
  • 1 more email: An FAQ sort of email answering a lot of the questions I get from my Sunday check-ins.

So it boils down to this…

Follow these rules and you’re good to go with email:

  • Always have something valuable to say
  • Don’t only self promote
  • Hit a frequency or cadence you can stick to
  • Set expectations early on

Bonus tip

Put the value in the email.

Far too many companies will write 1-2 blog posts a week and their email will be a snippet of the blog post and a link to read the full thing.

Make it more convenient for your user and if you can, put the value in the email and then add a link at the end saying something like “if you want to check out more similar posts, click here.”

A snippet + link to full post is very self serving when it’s all the same format (text).

If it’s something on Youtube or a podcast then of course they’d need to switch format anyway so you can put a link to your content.

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