#027 – Social Media Overwhelm For Business

It’s easy fall into the trap of thinking that as a business we have to be on every platform and give them all the same amount of attention.

Which, if you have the team and the resources to do that, by all means go for it.

You can probably skip a lot of this article if that’s the case.

But if like me, you don’t have the resources to be everywhere – or you want to be more efficient and strategic – then this one’s worth a read.

If you saw one of my past posts, including this blog, I am basically trying to strategically launch and grow 6 brands at the same time – which is a little bit idiotic, I know – but a freelance social media manager will probably hit a similar kind of mental workload (if not more) when working with clients, so it’s not impossible.

First of all, let’s look at the platforms you have available:

  • Facebook groups
  • Facebook pages
  • Facebook Watch
  • IGTV
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Podcasts
  • Reddit
  • Tiktok
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

There might be more but those are the ones that are kind of top of mind for most people.

Then figure out where your audience is

Facebook and Instagram are mature platforms, as is Twitter.

Tiktok has a very young audience of course and LinkedIn has an older, more professional appeal.

You’re probably going to do better selling houses on LinkedIn and your Etsy shop might go viral with visually satisfying videos on Tiktok for example.

Understand the ins and outs of each platform

Figure out the pros and cons, the good and bad, how they work and which ones you actually enjoy.

Instagram is of course a lot more visual, Twitter is a lot more text snippets, LinkedIn is still working itself out, Tiktok is short snappy video and Facebook is kind of a mix of everything because the audience size is huge.

Which platforms do you enjoy creating content for, which ones do you enjoy being on and which ones do you find you spend most of your time on?

Pick 1 “Authority” Platform

In my above notes I didn’t mention Youtube, Watch, IGTV or podcasts because I treat them a bit separately.

Because they’re more tailored to longer form content, they’re better for building an authority in your field and showing your expertise.

But they all take a lot more time investment to put regular content out for and engage an audience, so I’d pick just 1. Maybe 2 if you have someone that can strip out and edit the audio and turn it into a podcast (I talk about how to set up a podcast easily here).

So I would pick 1 and put out helpful content.

It doesn’t have to be about your products or your business – if anything it should be about your audience and more specifically what they want to know about.

Aim to do 1-2 pieces of content of this format a week, and that’s it.

Pick 1-2 AT MOST From The Rest

Figure out which ones you enjoy and focus your time and energy there.

You can have profiles set up for the rest and minimal presence and just use some automation to channel your content from other platforms there.

(For example I haven’t directly posted to a Facebook page in years because organic reach is so low. Instead I just let my Instagram posts automatically feed through to the page.)

But pick 1 or 2 where you want to focus on mastering that platform and building your audience.

When I look at most solo big names or influencers, I see a pattern where they built their community massively on 1 platform and then were able to get their followers to join them on other platforms when they started to diversify.

Do the same.

A note on Pinterest: I am still feeling my way around Pinterest because I know it can be a great traffic source. The thing is it’s not a social network in the same sense as the others – it’s more of a search engine for images, so I don’t know how best to advise on using it just yet. But stay tuned here as I figure it out.

So that’s really how you avoid overwhelm

1 authority platform, 1-2 of the other platforms. Nurture your community and then transfer to others later on.

Here’s What I’m Doing For 6 Brands

In case you’re wondering how my psychotic/idiotic/brilliant mind is going to manage this for 6 brands, here’s the gist of it.

Brand 1 – Fitness coaching for a specific niche

  • Instagram daily
  • Podcast weekly
  • Pinterest – coming soon
  • Email daily – coming soon
  • Facebook ads – coming soon

Brand 2 – Fitness coaching for a separate specific niche

  • Instagram daily
  • Podcast weekly
  • Pinterest – currently testing
  • Email daily – coming soon
  • Facebook ads – coming soon

Brand 3 – I couldn’t figure out what I wanted but this is going to be a print on demand e-commerce brand

  • Instagram daily – currently it’s just my sweaty workout selfies
  • Tiktok daily – I kind of grew a following by luck so I’m keeping it going
  • Podcast weekly – I want to do this one 3x/week when I have more time
  • Pinterest – coming soon depending on how brand 1 and 2 go
  • Email 3-4x week – coming soon
  • Facebook ads – coming soon

Brand 4 – Where you’re at right now but at the time of writing this I haven’t started doing anything on social media for it yet

  • Instagram 2-3x/day – coming soon
  • Podcast daily – coming soon
  • Twitter daily – coming soon
  • Email daily – coming soon
  • Pinterest – TBC depending on the testing above
  • Blog daily – as I’m already doing

Brand 5 – My main marketing services where I show you how to grow a mailing list and sell by email

  • LinkedIn daily – starting soon
  • Twitter daily – starting soon
  • My personal Instagram – daily starting soon
  • My personal Twitter – daily starting soon
  • Email daily – starting soon
  • Facebook ads – starting soon

Brand 6 – Just my own personal blog documenting everything I’m trying to do

  • Personal Instagram – daily starting soon
  • Personal Twitter – daily starting soon
  • Medium – just doubling up some of my blog posts on there

Full disclosure – I will probably start to outsource some of the day to day management of it soon (it’s mentally taxing to just think about on a daily basis, let alone actually get the output), but unsurprisingly you’ll get some blog posts on that here anyway.

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