#026 – Getting A Good Dot Com Name

Getting a good brand name is hard these days.

Because you want consistency on all platforms.

You want a matching domain name (.com ideally – or is that just me?) as well as the username (or handle, whatever you want to call it) on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube – wherever you’ll be putting your brand out.

The problem is that all the good short names seem to be taken.

So what do you do?

Getting A Good Brand Name

Do what I did.

Instead of 1 word or 2 words, go for 3 short words.

Super – Simple – Mode.

The .com was available and the username was also available on EVERY channel.

(Also for what it’s worth, it might be a good idea to check the username availability before settling on or buying a domain name. I’ve been stung by that in the past.)

It Gives You Flexibility

It means that if you want to stick to a specific sort of “idea” for your brand, if the one you have your heart set on isn’t available, you can try moving words around and using synonyms to get what you want.

If Super Simple Mode wasn’t available I could’ve tried:

  • Super Simple HQ
  • Very Simple Mode
  • Super Simple Blog
  • Super Easy Mode
  • Super Easy Method

So I had a lot of room to manouevre until I find something that I like, that’s available and that sticks.

Most of the 2-word brand and domain names you’d want are probably also taken.

They might not be – depends on your niche, your idea and all that – so you can look at 2-word brands too but I knew for this blog for example, that I wasn’t going to quickly find a decent 2-word domain in the online marketing space which had all usernames available too.

So I went straight for the 3 word set up to save myself that time and hassle.

Why 3 Short Words


Keep it under 15 characters so you can get the right Twitter handle too.

Imagine for one of my brands – Limitless Fitness, the Twitter handle had to be “limfitpt” which not only slightly attacks my obsessive tendencies, if someone was to search for me on there by user ID, they wouldn’t know where to find me off that.

If you’re blanking Twitter completely you don’t need to cap yourself at 15 characters but I use Twitter a lot for my content creation (aka I just screenshot my own tweets) so I wanted to make sure I have what I need on there.

How To Set It Up

I get paranoid that someone is going to go and register the usernames I want as soon as I’ve put my money down to buy my .com name so I do it the other way.

I will set up a free gmail account first – separate to my personal one.

Then I’ll go set up my profiles:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Page
  • Pinterest
  • Tiktok (maybe)

THEN I’ll go and get my domain name.

It’s unlikely that someone will go and get my usernames between me setting up my .com email and getting to the platform I’m looking at, but the internet can be a strange place sometimes.

So when all the good dot coms appear to be taken, that’s what I would do to get a good brand name in 2020.

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