#025 – What Is An Email Super Signature

If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll know my favourite way of growing a business and selling is by growing an email list and being able to sell by email.

There are a ton of reasons why – which I’ll save for another post – but it just makes life a lot simpler when you’re not at the mercy of algorithms or needing to spend a ton on ads every time you want to promote something.

And this concept of a super signature allows you to have call to actions in every email you send – without them always needing to be specifically a sales or promotion email.

What is an email super signature?

It’s basically a series of ‘PS’ bits at the bottom of your email below your sign off.

Usually 3-4 PS sections, 1 with a sales pitch and 2-3 which just offer something for free.

Whether you include one or not depends on the context of the email.

If your email is delivering value or just providing an anecdote or listen, super signatures are a great way to be able to try to sell everyday.

If your actual email is a direct sales pitch, then you want to skip it because you want people focused on your pitch and not on the PS.

What are the benefits of a super signature?

I already covered that you can pitch something to sell on a daily basis.

As well as that, it means you can promote your other social channels too.

Or if you’re cheeky, you can put in more than 1 sales pitch if you have more than 1 relevant thing to offer.

What are some examples of email super signatures?

I’ve got 1 version of mine below and 1 made up one as well.


PS: If you’re ready to grow your list and learn to sell by email and want to work with me 1 to 1, reply to this email with the word “ready”.

PPS: If you haven’t already checked out my free podcast with marketing tips for coaches and consultants, hit the link below and pick your platform (it’s available on Spotify, Apple and most other main platforms.):

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Hypothetical with 2 sales pitches – personal trainers:

PS: If you’re ready to finally take your fitness up a level and want to work with me 1 to 1, hit reply to this email with the word “FIT” and I’ll send you the details.

PPS: Check out my latest Youtube video on how staring at your phone is wrecking your posture and the 3 things you can change right away to fix it.


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Email Super Signatures Work

They’ve been a bit of a revelation for the way I sell and the way I market – because now all I need to do is focus on driving people onto my mailing list.

If you’re not already using a super signature, I’d recommend trying it out as soon as possible.

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