#023 – Should You Start A Facebook Group?

Back in 2017-18, Facebook groups were awesome.

They had engagement and they were an awesome way to get around Facebook more or less removing organic reach from their pages.

The thing is that everyone started setting up groups – and by the default group settings at the time – you would get notifications for EVERY post.

So unsurprisingly more people switched off from the, more people complained and Facebook did what they do best and intervened.

Since then…

Organic reach has fallen massively and it’s much harder to grow a Facebook group.

There ARE still great ones out there, there are still valuable ones out there and it can still be a useful tool but it’s not quite the incredible sub-platform it was.

So should you start a Facebook group?

I don’t know your business or what you’d want to start it for so I can’t tell you specifically but here are things to consider:

Do you have the time to put into it?

Especially to get a group up and running and off the ground, it will take time and effort.

It will take you putting all the content out and creating the engagement to get it off the ground.

Then needing to maintain it, moderate comments and content and keep members interested will all take time too.

If between you and your resources you can manage that then that’s one box ticked.

Do you have the resources to grow it?

If you’re just starting a small group for a specific group of people – friends, colleagues, a team, etc then you can skip this one.

If you are looking to start something to grow then you need to check your resources to make it grow.

That either means (more) time to promote it everywhere to grow it organically or having the money to promote it.

That begs the question though – if you’re paying to promote something, why not just grow your mailing list instead of paying Facebook to move people around to other parts of Facebook where you won’t regularly reach them anyway?

Remember this is still Facebook’s property

Facebook owns their users data and anything you build on Facebook (or any platform really) is a rented asset which you have no real control or leverage over.

Facebook can shut down your group overnight with no real explanation or care.

And you might never get it back.

So your time and effort get wasted.

Facebook groups – yes or no?

I’m going to say no unless it has a VERY specific purpose for a specific group of people and you can commit to it.

It’s an extra drain on time.

It’s an extra drain on resources.

It’s another distraction.

You’d be better off either just putting that time into growing your mailing list or a community elsewhere – try to get your uses onto a platform that you’re in control of.

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