#018 – What Is A Funnel Hub?

I was reading one of Russell Brunson’s books last week.

For those of you who don’t know who he is, he is a huge name in online marketing.

He is the founder of the software ClickFunnels which a lot of marketers and businesses use and it has been called the fastest growing software in some circles too.

So he knows what he is doing with marketing.

Anyway in his book he recommended this idea of a funnel hub.

Why a “funnel hub”?

Have you ever Googled a person’s name, a business’s name or a product name and found the first few results are actually reviews of that thing instead of the official site for that thing?

All those reviews are – more likely than not – making money as affiliates of that thing (as in you click the link to the official link from their website and if you buy they make a % of the sale) but they’re not the real deal.

A funnel hub puts you in a position to get ahead of all of those without needing a great big complicated website, but it’s also a great way of putting everything you want into a single page for people to get in touch with you.

Funnel hub vs Website

I won’t go into detail but I am working on 6 things at the minute.

  • 3 fitness brands
  • This site
  • My marketing business site
  • My personal site

For this site and my personal site I have gone with a full website with a blog.

I want to use Super Simple Mode to share a ton of information and helpful advice and a bit about my own journey so it makes sense to put it all on one platform and one place.

My own site is my own blog so again, just makes sense.

With the others though, most of the business side happens on social media or by email.

So I don’t need a big website. I just need a central page to drive people to.

What does a funnel hub look like?

Literally a 1 page website where you focus on getting your potential customers to do what you want them to do.

You can check out my ones here:

With all of them, I just want people opting in to my mailing list or listening to the podcast or following me on social media.

That’s all.

If I had an ecommerce business I woud have a link to that as well if I wasn’t incorporating it into the website.

Can you do everything with a 1 page website?

Yes. Definitely.

It might mean inter-linking a few different apps and pages and stuff but that means you have a light weight website that is easy to maintain that gives you a central hub and presence without the complications of a big bloated site.

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