#016 – Creating Pinterest Content Without A Blog

So if you’re tracking the tag, you’ll see I am spending time looking at Pinterest.

Today is 15 October 2020 and I spent a good 4-5 hours this week creating and scheduling content for my new Pinterest account.

But Pinterest looks like a blogger’s turf and I literally just have a 1 page funnel hub (that’s also a topic for a separate post).

So how do you create Pinterest content without a blog?

Ok so let me talk you through my workflow first or at least my set up.

  • I am pinning 10 new pins a day.
  • I am pre-scheduling everything in Tailwind.
  • I let Tailwind dictate the times to pin – I just had to tell it that I wanted to pin around 10 times a day.

Other things:

  • I set up my boards last week and added keyword descriptions
  • I read that pinning 5-15 times a day is ideal
  • And you should aim for 30% of it to be your own content.

And that last bit is where I get stuck without a blog or any real aesthetic or design skills.

Because Pinterest all about the visuals.

So this is what I’m doing to create Pinterest content quickly and easily

I mean this is a blog post that could probably just be a caption on something else but oh well.

I know my topics and my target audience well so coming up with helpful tips, quotes and motivational soundbites isn’t that hard.

And I know they’re going to be looking at food, fitness and mental wellness.

And that’s basically what all my own created content is.

  1. Go into Canva
  2. Open up literally any Pinterest template
  3. Choose an awesome background image from their free selection (you can use other image sites too)
  4. Add either a box over it that contrasts colour and then add your text or quote in there.
  5. Or choose a text style and colour that contrasts the image directly and use that.
  6. Save the file name as the keywords you’d want to show up for.
  7. Add it to Tailwind.

And that’s it.

And what about posting everything?

Like I said, I use Tailwind – it sets up 70 timeslots a week and I drop my own images in.

I aim for 3 of my own per day.

So that’s 21 of them.

And for the other 49, I Google Image search my own keywords and use the Tailwind browser extension to automatically add any images I like into the schedule.

What have the results been like?

Well I mean it’s too early to say. It’s been running for 24 hours.

I have spent all my time getting the basics of putting content on there.

Next step – which I will of course also write about – is learning how to rank, get traffic and what kind of images get results.

And start engaging and growing a following too!

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