#014 – How To Deal With Online Trolls In Your Business

This is going to be a short post.

Kind of.

How to deal with online trolls?

Honestly, just don’t.

Wait, what?

You only have so much time and energy.

In your day, in your life.

Do you really want to spend any of that engaging with an anonymous person who exists to just try and upset you?

Is that worth your time?

Gary Vaynerchuk put it best on one of his videos…

He was talking to a girl who was getting trolled or hate comments on Tiktok.

He asked how old her grandmother is and how often she sees her.

And it turns out the grandmother was in her 80’s and they see each other a couple of times a year.

So he pointed out that she probably has maybe another 8-10 days with her grandmother, which of course is a morbid way to turn things but the point he was making was that the time she was spending focused on the trolls, she could be doing something better – like speaking to her grandmother.

And whe you flip it like that, you just don’t want to waste time dealing with trolls any more.

But trolls and feedback are different…

There is one important distinction to make here.

Trolls are one thing – usually anonymous or don’t post often – who are out solely to insult and anger you.

However if someone is offering genuine feedback or criticism (whether they’re in their rights to or not is a separate point that I’m not getting into) it does NOT automatically mean they’re trolling.

There is a difference.

Your emotional response to both might be the same but they’re definitely not the same.

Feedback you can use to keep improving what you’re doing. Trolling however, you cannot.

Does everyone get trolled?

After you reach a certain point, when you try and put yourself “out there” then yeah it’s usually a case of when instead of if.

It might be weird comments on ads you’re running – I still don’t get why people go out of their way to leave comments but anyway…

It might be some bizarre DM’s.

Trolls are pretty much everywhere or can get anywhere at least.

I had never really had to deal with a troll until I started to grow my Tiktok account.

And on there it was around the time I hit 1k followers and upwards I started to see troll comments popping up more and more.

But the Tiktok community is actually incredible at calling out trolls for their nonsense and it makes easy for you to call them out as well.

So how do you deal with trolls, like really?

Like I said, I don’t.

I will usually straight off the bat delete comments or messages and block the accounts. If it’s something that flirts with the line, I’ll screenshot and send to the platform I’m using.

But otherwise I just get rid of that stuff.

On Tiktok I take it to a bit more of an extreme.

I answer all genuine comments and questions because I like to help people.

But if someone is questioning me or something I put out, and they’ve either got a private account or n0 content put out – so they don’t even have the guts to put themselves out there or contribute anything, then I don’t indulge or waste my time on it.

And yeah… that’s really how I deal with trolls.

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