#011 – Getting Started On LinkedIn

Last week I joined a free ‘get leads from LinkedIn’ challenge.

It’s interesting how when you go through all these challenges and lead magnets with every single one offering something new, it always ultimately boils down to the same thing.

Speak to people, engage with people, connect with people.

Then they buy from you.

So first of all, stop relying on fancy systems and funnels to grow your business.

Just start connecting with your target audience and be genuinely engaging and they’ll be ready to buy.

I mean that’s what I struggle with which is why I keep looking at new systems and stuff… but I digress.

Anyway I just want to sum up what I learned from the challenge for you here and the structure it went through.

First of all, LinkedIn has changed!

It used to just be all about job hunting and recruitment.

And that was it.

Then it gradually became more and more like a social network.

And people of all types and backgrounds joined.

And as of right now (13 October 2020) it appears to be the best social network for organic reach apart from Tiktok.

That probably won’t always be the case and I’ve read about some people seeing reach dropping but as far as I can tell, right now the opportunity is still there.

So I’m going to start exploring it.

By the way for anyone reading this, you can find me on LinkedIn here.

So this LinkedIn challenge…

Ok so 5 day free get leads from LinkedIn challenge.

I am mindful that the person who created the challenge put a ton of time and effort into creating it and a lot of money into marketing it so out of respect I’m not going to give everything away.

Just enough to provide value and some helpful insights.

So Day 1…

Day 1 was just the basics of identifying your audience, and getting familiar with your LinkedIn stats.

So know the industry, profession, demographic of the people you want to work with and what you do.

It was explained as your ONE thing.

One thing to sell to one person at one price.

Identify that so you can start to drill into your target market.

Day 2

Day 2 just went a bit further by getting into more specifics about your ideal avatar.

It might be something tired, stressed out mumpreneurs who need to look after their health (as one example).

Figure out who you help and what their pain points are that you can help with.

Day 3

This is creating your headline that goes into your profile.

The basic structure is this:

“Helping [ideal client avatar] achieve [outcome/result] through [adjective][product/service]”

With me for example, if I focus on what I do for one avatar:

“Helping busy coaches achieve epic business growth with awesome email funnels.”

Again, just 1 example.

They said don’t use the words “I help…” make it about them.

I’ve done that on my profile but then I realised like if everyone is doing it, you won’t stand out so I don’t know how long I’ll keep it like that for.

By the time you connect with me I might have already changed it…

Day 4

I already wrote about my frustration with this part because again, you need an existing network.

Here’s what I wrote about if you’re starting from scratch.

But basically put out some social proof and make some recommendations for other people. Aim for 10 and 10.

So if you have a network to leverage for it great.

If not, then look at what I wrote about starting from scratch.

Day 5

Basically post content – 4 different kinds of content.

  • A story post about you, your business, why you do what you do
  • A video – kind of same content as the story post
  • A social proof post – basically screenshot a testimonial or review
  • A CTA – basically this is what I do, this is what it does, this is how much it is, this is how you can buy it

And that’s it.

Aside from pivoting on my headline a million times and a few fitness posts, I haven’t actually done anything on LinkedIn in terms of content or strategy but I’m going to start exploring it more.

I’m not sure how much of the challenge stuff I’ll use but it’s there for your reference if you want it while I work things out too.

PS: My LinkedIn network is non-existent so if you’re reading this, add me!

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