#008 – How To Write Pinterest Board Descriptions For Traffic

So I’m still in the very early set up phase with Pinterest.

I have my boards set up – or at least what I think I want my boards to be.

(If you’re new to Pinterest, boards are basically category folders that you add your pins to to categorise them.)

(Also keep reading through the Pinterest tag on here so you can watch my step by step strategy as I try to work this thing out.)

And I have set up Tailwind to schedule my pins – I haven’t started using it so I can’t comment on it but that will be for future reference.

So I’m still trying to map out in my head what my own content will look like but in the meantime I can start working on writing board descriptions to get traffic.

Which overall from my reading basically means adding keywords that I want to appear for but there’s a bit more to it than that. Unfortunately.

So this is the step by step process I’m following.

1 – Focus on the “long tail” words.

Long tail basically means a chain of words that someone will actually be searching for.

For example, someone isn’t likely to search for “chicken”.

They’re more likely to search for “chicken recipes”.

And then from there you go narrower to make it easier to pop up so you might go for “Spanish chicken recipes”.

Or you could go for “one pot Spanish chicken recipes” and have a much stronger chance of coming up in search results both on Google and Pinterest itself.

People click on the images but the board and image descriptions tell Pinterest and Google what the image is actually about.

2 – Call to action to get people to follow or interact more

So you make sure you have keywords in your board descriptions and then from there you also want to – where possible, have a call to action of some kind to get people to follow you.

With one of my boards for example, ‘Self care tips’ combining the 2 points above I might go with something like (and this is NOT final so take it with a pinch of salt):

“Discover some self care tips to make sure you’re not burning yourself to keep others warm. Find some self care inspiration and self care ideas that you can practice anywhere to support your own wellbeing.”

3 – Key things about the pin itself

Last part is about the images you’re pinning themselves.

Apparently Pinterest’s algorithm will gather board description and pin description data the first time you pin it.

So pin it to the most relevant board first and use keywords in the image description and in the image file name.

If for example I want to pin an inspiring quote to both ‘Body positivity’ and ‘Self care’ (2 of my current boards), I need to look at which one it’s more relevant for – if it’s about mental wellness probably self care and if it’s about loving your body it’d be body positivity – and pin to that one first.

So that’s what I’ve got for you on Pinterest board description writing.

Stay tuned as I keep posting results and updates on the Pinterest tag.

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