#006 – Why Should You Start A Podcast?

I already wrote about my new interest in podcasting.

And it’s something I never thought would happen yet here we are with having launched 3 and 1 or 2 more in the works.

Anyway here’s why you should start one. Or at least a bullet point run down of what I think the benefits and opportunity are:

1 – It’s still realtively unstaurated

There’s around 850k podcasts according to Podcast Insights. That compares to around 31 million Youtube channels and 500 million blogs.

So there is a pretty big opportunity.

2 – It builds authority

Compared to a large Instagram or Facebook or Tiktok following, podcasting is a great way to showcase your skill, expertise and passion.

It takes more work than those so it’s not as popular but it is worth it.

3 – It’s easy

I thought I needed a ton of equipment to start and I’d need to work out distribution and hosting and all that.


  • Set your show up on Anchor
  • Get a microphone – or use the headphones that came with your phone
  • Record your voice
  • Upload to Anchor
  • Hit ‘post’

And that’s it.

You can do short episodes or long episodes. You can do just you talking or you can interview others.

You’ve got a blank canvas to make it what you want to make it.

4 – It’s convenient

It’s easy for you to record.

Russell Brunson started his Marketing Secrets one just sitting in his car talking into his phone while he was commuting to work.

It’s easy and convenient for others to listen to:

  • You don’t need to see a screen like you do for Youtube
  • You can listen from anywhere
  • You don’t have (long) ad breaks like radio does
  • You control the topics you’re listening to.

So if you ever enjoyed radio talk shows it’s like that but without the ads and with control of the speakers and topics.

5 – You connect with your audience

Photos and inforgraphics and all that are great.

But there’s nothing quite like hearing someone’s voice to connect with them.

And podcasting allows you to do that – you can be the voice in their ear and the authority in your niche.

6 – Stronger call to action

It sounds so much more appealing if you say in your voice:

“By the way, if you’re interested in [topic], I’ve got a free download for you from the website. Just go here to grab your copy and it’ll come straight to the inbox”

…than it does to write it out.

Yes you won’t get a huge number of platform switches – people aren’t as likely (depending on where they’re listening from) to pause, open up their phone and go to your website. It’s not as convenient as a simple click when they’re already browsing on their phone.


That’s not a bad thing.

If they go from your podcast, it means they went out of their way to take a few more steps. Which means they are making more and more micro commitments to get content from you.

Which usually signals a stronger buying intent longer term.

Also even if they don’t jump to your call to action the first time, the regular listeners will start to shift themselves eventually when they hear the same message over and over again.

So to wrap things up…

If you have capacity to start a podcast, do it.

If you don’t, what can you do to make capacity for it?

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