#004 – Starting A Podcast For Free, Quickly & Easily

I’ve started 3 podcasts in the last couple of months and I have 2 more in the pipeline (including one to support this site too). FYI I’m writing this on 7 October 2020.

I never thought I would but here we are.

How did I get into podcasts?

I went on holiday and it was a long flight. I used a free Audible credit to download the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes stories. 72 hours of listening.

I went on holiday, listened to some of it and came back and still had 60 hours to listen to.

The week I came back, gyms closed and lockdown happened as Covid 19 took effect in the UK.

So I ended up walking a lot.

Which became a great reason to carry on listening to my audio book series.

But walking daily meant I ran through that audio book quick and needed something else.

And didn’t want to just get 1 book a month from Audible, and also have to pay for it.

By CHANCE, around the same time Gary Vaynerchuck put up a post on Instagram about podcasting.

And I am a fan of Gary Vee but I find his content on social media a bit overwhelming a lot of the time.

So I thought maybe let’s try out listening to his podcast.

I found the podcast app and found his podcast and I was off.

And I started to get more and more int podcasts from there.

(By the way, if you need recommendations, look up Gary Vee of course, The Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial, Marketing Secrets by Russell Brunson and You’re Dead To Me by Greg Jenner & the BBC)

And I USED TO think podcasts had to be:

  • Long – 45 minutes or more
  • Have a guest
  • Done with some super fancy tech set up
  • Edited by some master mixer or something.

None of those are true apparently.

Yes of course a lot of them are like that, but that doesn’t mean mine had to be.

They’re such a huge variety of lengths, set ups, structures and niches.

So here’s what I did

Podcast set up

First up I wanted something a little bit better than the built in mic on my phone or my laptop so I ordered a lav mic from Amazon.

(I actually ordered a USB podcast mic but I’m not happy with that one so I won’t recommend it here).

Then I set up a free account on Anchor.

Anchor is a free podcast hosting platform.

You literally just:

  • Set up an account
  • Choose a podcast name
  • Add cover art (square image, just put something together in Canva)
  • Create your user name (so you have a tidy link)
  • Create your first episode and hit submit
  • Anchor takes care of distributing it to Spotify, Apple, Google and the rest.

And in terms of creating your podcast, you can either record directly into Anchor (on desktop or they do also have iOS and Android app versions) or you can upload your mp3 file.

A few things to note on that:

  • You can record in Anchor or upload an mp3.
  • You can access your library of past uploads – so you can save default intro and outro files and just drop them in either side of your latest episode.
  • You can add some background music to the audio within Anchor so if you do have some background noise or static this can help deal with that.

So I started uploading and scheduling and that’s it.

Anchor does also let you add sponsors from directly within their platform but it’s for US only for now so it doesn’t apply to me.

Tech set up

I already said the mic I got for it. It’s pretty good but doesn’t have a pop filter so the ‘p’ sounds do… pop.

But otherwise I got no complaints about it. (I can probably just put it behind the pop filter on my USB mic that I’m not using.)

I record in Garageband on my Macbook. I literally just hit record, say a couple of sentences and then pause recording.

And do that for each whole episode.

It means I don’t have a lengthy editing process as my episode is made up of a ton of short clips and if I didn’t like one I would have deleted it as soon as I recorded it.

All of my episodes are about topics that I know or have already read about or have notes about somewhere.

That way I’m not spending too much time in research (although I am still doing some).

And my longest episode to date is something like 13 minutes.

So the full run down I use is:

  1. I literally record my episode in Garageband in short micro clips. (I’ll cover settings I use in another post – keep an eye on the Podcast tag on here).
  2. Then I export it to MP3.
  3. I upload to Anchor and add background music
  4. I drag and drop my intro and outro from my Anchor library
  5. I hit save
  6. I add an episode title (just like this site, all of my episodes are the same kind of title format of [3 digit number] – [podcast topic])
  7. I add an episode description which includes links to my website / Instagram / Facebook / whatever else I want to link to
  8. I either hit post or pre-schedule
  9. That’s it. I let Anchor handle the rest.

When you submit your first episode it can take 2-3 weeks for it to get picked up on all platforms but it does happen.

So what are my results so far?

Like I said I have started 3 podcasts and I have done minimal promotion for them apart from a few basic things but here are the stats so far and what I’ve done:

Podcast 1: Fitter Body Fallout – Body Confident Fitness

The first podcast I started although not the first one I had an idea for.

First episode uploaded: 3 Sept 2020

Total episodes uploaded at time of posting: 6

Total listens (from Anchor stats): 33


  • Did once a week for the first 5 weeks then this week went for twice a week
  • Only promotion has been a couple of posts and stories on my Instagram account (which doesn’t get much engagement anyway) and putting the link in my bio on there.

Podcast 2: Limitless Unhinged – Fitness & Wellness For Entrepreneurs

The 2nd one I created yet because my first episode was pre-scheduled it ended up being the 3rd published.

First episode uploaded: 23 Sept 2020

Total episodes uploaded at time of posting: 3

Total listens (from Anchor stats): 18


  • First 2 episodes were 1 a week. From episode 3 onwards I shifted to 2 a week.
  • Only promotion has been a couple of posts and stories on my Instagram account (which doesn’t get much engagement either) and putting the link in my bio on there.

Podcast 3: Happy Healthy Nerd – Balanced Fitness & Wellness For Nerds

My 3rd idea but 2nd published.

First episode uploaded: 21 Sept 2020

Total episodes uploaded at time of posting: 7

Total listens (from Anchor stats): 14


  • 3 episodes a week straight from the off. One on fitness, one on nutrition, one on mental wellness.
  • Absolutely zero promotion so far.

I’m working on 2 more – 1 for this site and I’m 50/50 on another one as well for another niche.

It sounds like a lot but I figure the more I do, the better I get and the quicker I get there.

Stay tuned and let’s see how this grows.

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