#003 – Content & Traffic Strategy For Pinterest

So posts 001 and 002 were about getting started with Pinterest.

I’m going to talk through what I’m reading now and what I’m doing to actually get started.

The objective is of course always going to be traffic back to the website to ultimately make sales.

Building a following would be nice but it’s not as important as it is on other social networks.

Pinterest is about searchability.

At the time of writing – 7 October 2020 – I have zero content, zero boards, zero followers or following. All I’ve done is set up my skeleton of a profile.

So next here’s what’s happening.


I’m big on listing topics/buckets for my content that will appeal to my niche.

It just gives me clarity and helps structure my content creation process across all platforms so instead of sitting down with a blank canvas, I know what topics to create my content about.

So with the current niche, which is around health, fitness, wellness and body confidence – and to some extent body positivity, I’ve picked these topics:

  • Self care ideas
  • Fitness and workout inspiration
  • Recipes
  • Mental health
  • Things to do with family
  • Things to do with friends
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Gratitude
  • Nutrition
  • Body confidence
  • Inspiring quotes

That’s 12 and is plenty for me to get started with.

They all tie in with something that my target audience would be interested in.


To be honest I have no idea about content at this point.

All I DO know is this:

  • Be consistent (same as virtually every platform)
  • Aim for 10-20 pins per day
  • Aim for around 30% to be your own content and leading to your own landing page
  • Vertical dimensions – not square or horizontal
  • Pin at the times your audience will engage (well I have no audience yet so for now I am just going to be getting some volume of content into those boards)
  • Make it visually stunning (god knows how I’ll do that with my complete like of design sensibility)

I’ll post some screenshots as and when I have content up.


The whole point of doing this is to drive traffic to my website.

At the minute my website is a single page with an email optin for a lead magnet (I’ll talk about strategy behind this at some other point).

So basically I have one single destination for the traffic to go to, to opt in and they receive an email sequence with the aim of getting them to buy through email which is my favourite method of selling anyway.

That’s the end goal.

So when I look at content and driving traffic, that’s what I need to be looking at.

From my reading, this is what I understand:

  • Use keywords in your board descriptions
  • Pin your pins to the most relevant boards first
  • Make sure you use keywords in your description (500 character limit)
  • Use keywords in your file name when you upload it
  • Of course link it to the page you want to drive traffic to

So that’s what I’ve got for you on Pinterest so far.

I’m setting up my boards.

I have brand colours so I’ll use those in my own content.

I’m going to use Canva templates for content creation.

I’m going to use stock images from Canva, Pexels and Pixabay.

I’m going to dive straight in and use Tailwind for scheduling so it takes guesswork out.

I’m going to spend a week posting before I go and start following other accounts.

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