#002 – Basic Pinterest Startegy

Just following up with some basics based on what I’m reading and learning today.

These are mainly short snippets from what I read and learned:

  • Like other networks and search engines, your home feed doesn’t show things chronologically.
  • When you follow someone that account’s pins will show in your home feed and similar content from other accounts you don’t follow will also show as the algorithm reads that’s the content you’re interested in.
  • Followers are great for social proof but don’t stress about your follower numbers.
  • Followers will see more of your pins but a lot of your views will be from people searching, not just your followers.
  • So optimise for search results instead.
  • If you’re using Pinterest for business, you definitely need a business account. You get analytic data so you know what you’re doing.
  • People can follow boards instead of accounts. So you could have like a board for recipes and a board for workouts and someone could follow one of those boards instead of needing to follow your whole account.
  • Canva has Pinterest templates so you can drag and drop your images and text easily.
  • Content should be vertical/portrait instead of landscape/horizontal. Apparently vertical also outperforms square (sorry Insta…).
  • Figure out the keywords you want to rank for (so you know what content to create… seems kind of obvious) and go for long tail keywords. So instead of “home workouts” you might aim for “core strengthening home workouts” or “no equipment home workouts”.
  • Apparently if you want to grow quickly you should pin 10-20 times per day (you may want to look at bulk scheduling – I’ll look at tools for that later on). Most important thing is to be consistent.
  • You can pin one piece of content to multiple boards.
  • It can be easy to go overboard and be spammy so let’s try to avoid that. Go for a gradual, measured approach.
  • Hashtags are optional as the search function will pull keywords from your description so you don’t have to use hashtags
  • Your bio on your profile is up to 160 characters
  • Descriptions for content are up to 500 characters

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