#001 – Trying Pinterest

Yes it’s kind of weird that my first post on this site isn’t anything about me or who I am or what I’ve done.

It’s actually about something I’ve never done.


Pinterest popped up around end of 2010 or early 2011.

You can’t really compare it to other social networks because it’s more of an image-based search engine.

So in a sense it’s kind of like Youtube for images instead of being comparable to Facebook or Instagram or Tiktok.

But anyway…

Most social networks have started to absolutely suck for organic traffic.

Facebook and Instagram just aren’t it.

I’ve been Tiktok-ing for a few months and I kind of get the gist of it but it doesn’t really play to my strengths.

But here’s why I’m turning to Pinterest…

Pretty much every platform has – in my own opinion – had a huge explosion at some point in time.

Facebook was first, then Twitter had it too.

Instagram went through that phase.

Youtube has kind of been steady in growth for a while – but the workload in creating longer form videos means it won’t hit the same creator numbers other platforms do.

And podcasts, LinkedIn and Tiktok are going through it as I write this.

Pinterest however doesn’t seem to have really had that big hit yet.

So in my view it’s going to be next and for once I want to get in early.

That doesn’t mean it hasn’t grown – it definitely has.

It just hasn’t seen that kind of insane explosion or surge that the other platforms have – yet.

So anyway I don’t know anything about Pinterest which means I’m starting from scratch and I’m just making notes as I go.

Keep an eye on posts tagged with Pinterest and look at the post numbers for more updates.

So here we are on 6 October 2020 and post 001 on this site – all about my starting on Pinterest.

And this is all I got for you…

  1. Set up a Pinterest account – if you’re intending to build a business off it you need to set it up as a business account.
  2. Add your name to your profile – I’m going¬† with a combination of ‘First name – what my niche is’ so in my case for the account I have started at the time of writing, that is going to be ‘Abhi – Body Confident Fitness’.
  3. Pick an ID/handle/username that is the same as your Instagram one – no idea why but I’ve seen it recommended on 4 different guides.
  4. Add a profile description – get some keywords in that are specific to your niche/brand/business.
  5. Claim your website and Instagram profile – Instagram is easy, you just make sure you’re logged into Instagram and hit the button and Pinterest will ask to be authorised to access your IG account. Website is more complex so here’s their guide. (You can also claim an Etsy store or Youtube channel)

  6. Add a profile picture and cover – Profile picture shows up round so you can just double up your Instagram one. The cover picture is 1200×800 and all I did was set up a custom image size in Canva. Canva then came up with some template suggestions – I took one of those, switched the colours, swapped some images and done. Just getting it done.
  7. Figure out your content “buckets” – basically the rough topics you want your Pinterest account to be about – you’ll set these up as boards. Don’t overthink it – you can have up to 500 boards I think.

    For example for my account, the topics around body confident fitness might be things like recipes, workouts, mindset, diet culture, eating disorders, food guilt…. I’m going to end up winging it as I go and I haven’t figured out my buckets yet.

  8. Set up your boards for your buckets – Basically just set up a board, name it after the topic and in the board description, add some keywords that explain the board.

And that’s all I got for you so far.

I’ll add more updates as I work my way through this.

Also just so you can see how I go, today’s date is 6 October 2020 and this is a screenshot of my account currently.

Zero followers. Zero following. Zero boards. Zero pins. Zero traffic. Zero experience.

If you want to watch a walkthrough from point zero and see how things go and what I’m doing, this is going to be your starting point.

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